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Each project is the result of our passion for culture, art and social events, and reflects our efforts to enliven the city with original experiences and events. Enter the world of #ostravažije and discover with us projects that shape the dynamic character of our city.


In #ostravažíje, we are proud to organize unique cultural events at a high level. Our initiative is about connecting great people from different fields – artists, musicians, creators, intellectuals and culture enthusiasts – and together we create a platform that not only supports but also celebrates cultural diversity in our region. Our events are carefully designed to reflect the dynamic spirit of Ostrava while bringing new perspectives and inspiration to the everyday life of the community.

We believe that culture is a living entity that is constantly evolving, and we are at the forefront of this development. With each event, workshop or exhibition, we not only revive the local scene, but also contribute to building a strong and connected society. Our events are more than just fun; they are meetings of ideas, experiences and stories that enrich and strengthen our entire city.


Student events that will take your breath away! Student hell, in cooperation with the Sigma Kappa student club, brings a unique concept of free time activities for students in Ostrava, focused on cultural events, which contribute to strengthening student relationships, making studies more attractive, and promote Ostrava's faculties as institutions that help the active cultural life not only of students, but also of the whole region. We say a fundamental NO! drugs and we pay increased attention to the issue of sexual harassment at dance events for students.

Sigma Kappa isn't just about fun; it is about creating a strong, healthy and mutually supportive student community that reflects the best values and aspirations of our city. Join us and be part of this exciting and meaningful movement in Ostrava!


Ostrava is an industrial city, closely associated with the underground, which is why we are bringing a new perspective on the electronic dance scene among already established projects. By combining international and local talents, top sound, dynamic lighting and visual elements, we create an unforgettable atmosphere for our events, which are held in unique industrial spaces in Ostrava. Techno music became a symbol of the connection between the industrial heritage and modern creativity in Ostrava, creating a strong and unmistakable identity.